How to Hide Contact Details in Shared Contact

Shared Contacts for Gmail levels up in providing data privacy to its users. Not all contact data such as birthdays, postal addresses, or even notes from the contact list owner are relevant to all team members. Hence, the hidden fields feature offers strategic means to control information visibility and securely safeguard sensitive data. 

Steps in using hidden fields:

These are the steps to hide certain contact information shared among team members.

  1. Open the Shared Contacts for Gmail dashboard.

  2. On the left pane, locate and select the shared label where you wish to control contact data visibility.

    Only those with owner permission status can update the hidden fields. To learn more about permission status, click here.

  3. Click the “share” (enter image description here) icon assigned to the label.

    Hidden fields_share icon

  4. Select “Fields” under the name of the collaborator you want to hide contact details from.

    Hidden fields- fields link

  5. Click on the  ‘blue eye’ icon, . It then becomes red, meaning that the field is already hidden.

    When sharing the label, all contact fields automatically become visible to collaborators, denoted by the default blue eye icon.
    Hidden fields- blue eyes icon

  6. Click on the ‘more options’ icon, to go to details regarding the phone, email, and postal address.

    hidden fields- more options for phone, home addresses, and email

  7. Click ‘Save’ to secure the modifications.

    hidden fields - save

As the owner of the contact list, you retain full visibility of all details for each contact. Meanwhile, collaborators no longer have access to the contact fields that you have chosen to hide.

Contact owner's view where you can see all the details of the contact.
This is how others may view the contact when the owner set the hidden fields.

Additional Note

1. If assigned as a manager, collaborators will retain visibility of the ‘Fields’ option but will be restricted from modifying hidden fields. A warning prompt will appear if an attempt to modify is made.

warning on collaborators who can't modify hidden fields

2. Collaborators with an Editor or higher permission level can still input data on the assigned hidden fields. However, despite clicking ‘save,’ these changes will not be reflected in the contact information.

modification not possible on hidden fields