Different Sharing Permission Levels on Shared Contacts for Gmail®

The shared contacts can be accessed in different permission levels that are granted by the managers of the contact list. Managers are the original owners, those who are assigned as owners by the original owners, and those who have the ‘Can Reshare’ permission level on the contact list.

The various access levels available for Shared Contacts for Gmail® are defined in this article. Choose the one that best suites your contact sharing needs.

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Shared Contacts for Gmail® offers five (5) levels of permissions:

  • View only
  • Editor
  • Can delete
  • Manager
  • Owner

Privileges of the Different Sharing Permission Levels

EditorCan deleteManagerOwner
Shared contacts appear in autocomplete on the recipient field of a messaging platform on any device
Add private comments1
Add public comments2
Tag colleagues in the comments
Change contact details like phone number, email address, etc.
Add new contacts to the list
Remove contacts from the list
Reshare contact list
Change access permission of other users
Revoke access permission of other users
Hide/unhide contact fields
Rename the shared label
Delete the shared label
Transfer ownership of the shared label


  1. Private comments → Comment is read only by the person who wrote it.
  2. Public comments → All users who have access to the contact can read this type of comment.

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