Google Workspace Shared Contacts Edition

Google Workspace with contact sharing capabilities

In partnership with Google, Shared Contacts for Gmail® offers you a unique and enhanced version of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This edition enhances your Google Workspace by adding collaborative contact sharing features.

Share contact labels with users and groups of users

Delegate access to your Google contacts labels and your users directory and define access levels

Delegate one or several contact labels to specific users or groups that you created in your Google Workspace Admin panel or in Google groups, and define their access levels.
Then, they will be able to immediately see and manage the shared contacts in their dashboard, in Google Contacts, as well as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, mobile devices and hundreds of other apps.

Bring sharing capabilities to your Google Contacts interface

Share Google Contacts like you share Google Docs

Thanks to our Chrome plugin, your Google contacts interface now includes the same sharing capabilities as Google Docs.
You want to share a contact label? Just click the share button.
A collaborator adds or updates a shared contact in Google Contact? It gets propagated to other users address books instantly!

Manage contacts directly from anywhere in Google Workspace

View, Share, Create and update shared contacts from Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Google Contacts and your mobile devices

Thanks to our Workspace add-on, you’ll never have to leave your active tab to to find, create update, or share a contact. When you send or receive an email, you can access the full contact details of the sender (or people in CC and BCC), update them, or share the contact with your team. You can also simply add it as a new shared contact. Same with Google Calendar guests or Drive collaborators.


Sync your Google Directories

Share Google directories across domains and devices

Google Workspace and G Suite administrators know the limits of their Google Directory. They can't authorize non-admin users to update contact details, they are not accessible offline on mobile, and they are limited to one domain. Shared Contacts for Gmail® solves all these problems with one groundbreaking feature: Cross-domain directory sharing. Administrators can share the Google Directory of several domains with their users, making sure they can access the contact details of their colleagues across different branches. They can also authorize non-admins to update the contact details of domain users. Now, all your mobile users will have access to colleagues' details from everywhere, even offline.


See all group members at a glance

Never send emails to or share docs with the wrong people

Isn't it annoying not to know who is exactly in a Google group when you send or receive an email, or when you handle a shared document in Google Drive? Thanks to Shared Contacts for Gmail®, your users will know exactly who hides behind group emails like or before sharing a doc, sending an email, or inviting people to a calendar event. Then, you will be able to select who should receive the email or the shared document — or who shouldn’t.

Collaborate and never lose an update about your leads and customers

Stay up to date with comments and notifications

Collaborate on your customers by adding comments and receiving a notification when the contact is updated.

The comments feature allows everyone in your team who is interacting with the customer to collaborate and leave relevant information in order to keep up to date with vital information pertaining to the client. When mentioning or tagging a team member in the comment section, they will be notified that an update has been made to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest activities about what’s going on with that customer.

Know exactly who can access your Google Drive documents

Know exactly who can access your Google Drive documents

Manage your contacts directly from Google Docs

What if you could access and modify all the contact details of people with whom a Google Document is shared? Our plugin allows you to see all the details and notes about the collaborators of a document, but also to update their information and add them into your Google contacts or shared contact lists.

Shared Contacts for Google Calendar Features Image

Create, Update and Share contacts directly from Google Calendar™

Manage your contacts directly from Google Calendar

Shared Contacts Gmail® enhances your Calendar events with contact management and sharing capabilities. Thanks to our Calendar add-on, you can manage, update and share contacts directly from your Google Calendar interface. When you create or are invited to a Calendar event, you can now access all members contacts details within the event, update them, share them with your team and even add them to contact list!

Shared contacts for gmail helps you Centralize your contacts

A complete mobile experience

Find your Google Contacts and your labels everywhere on your iOS and Android devices

Add new contacts to shared labels directly from your iPhone, your Ipad or your Android device.
Navigate, your company directory, your shared contacts lists and collaborate on them on the go.
Find your shared contacts on Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, or any of your favorite communication app.


Transform Google Workspace into your new CRM

Save money on CRM licences

As all customer information will be available at all stages of your Google Workspace environment, you may not need a CRM anymore. Or you could keep CRM licenses only for your sales and marketing activities. Shared contacts for Gmail® integrates with all major CRMs, including Salesforce, Zoho, Streak, PipeDrive, HubSpot, and Copper. When updating a contact from your CRM, the information is shared with everyone — with or without a CRM licence.


Admin logs and unlimited backup

Tracking edits is simple

If you are a Google Workspace administrator, you've probably noticed that the Google Admin Dashboard allows tracking activity for emails and documents, but not contacts. Admins cannot monitor what users are doing with contacts or restore them, which makes GDPR compliance and personal data protection very difficult. With the Shared Contacts for Gmail® logging system, you can know exactly who created, updated, shared, or deleted contacts. You can also easily search by user, contact, and date to have all the information you need. Thanks to our unlimited backup system, you don’t ever need to worry about losing contacts in case of accidental deletion.

Customer stories

What do our customers think?

2,650,138 Users

Everyone in my team can now create and update their important contacts details, even their CRM customers information, through Gmail directly... or even Google Drive, on their PCs and mobile.... A dream for teams who are moving a lot!

Dustin Knopfler, CMO at Vize

Shared Contacts for Gmail® helps the teachers to access all the students' and parents' phones numbers and emails in their favorite apps (gmail, iPhone contacts etc.) The data is always up to date because all admin staff has permission to update the contacts.

Daniel Moreno, Principal at the Dubliner School

Thanks to this service, the IT department doesn't have to worry about contacts anymore! We connected our 3 Active Directories to Shared Contacts® and now our users are extremely happy: They can access up-to-date phones numbers from all their devices when they need them.

Miri Blum, CIO at Locarem

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