Shared Contacts Manager Features

Share contacts with your team — and access them wherever you are

Shared Contacts for Gmail® synchronizes your team contacts across your users’ favorite apps and devices and allows you to manage them through a powerful shared contact manager.

Share contacts like you share Google Docs!

No more time wasted searching for or asking around contact details!

Share contact lists across users and devices, even outside of your Google domain. Define who can create, view, edit or delete contacts on each list.


Access and update shared contacts from anywhere

Smoothly call, email, meet or invite any shared contact

Your team can see or edit shared contacts directly from Google Contacts, Gmail, their mobile devices and more than 5000 integrated apps.

Shared contacts for gmail helps you Centralize your contacts

Centralize all your contact sources in a single dashboard

Stop switching between apps to find the right contact information

Our interactive dashboard allows you to synchronize and manage contacts (with all their fields) from different Google accounts, devices, LDAPs, and other third-party apps (CRMs, IP phones directories…) and share them with your team.

Directory management made easy

Find any colleague phone number in any device

Synchronize your staff directory on all devices (iPhone, androids) even outside of your domain! Let users update their own LDAP directory profile (like their bio or personal phone), or delegate users contact details management to non-admins.

Control contact details visibility

Protect your contacts privacy

Take control of who can access what contact info, and revoke access when needed. Hide specific contact fields (like home address or private number) from non-authorized users.

advance search home page

Find contacts according to specific conditions

Find the right people even if you don’t know their names

Find contacts faster by including or excluding specific query strings. Easily clean your contacts by finding empty names, emails, and phone numbers.

notes and comments home page

Add comments to shared contacts

Close more deals and increase your customer relationships

Collaborate better! Add comments, tag your colleagues, and send notifications from a specific contact card. This conversation thread makes Shared Contacts for Gmail your own mini CRM.

backup feature home page

Restore lost contacts without time limitations

Prevent data loss

Avoid data loss with unlimited backups for all contacts in your organization. You can restore all contacts beyond the Google Contacts 25-day retention limit!


Enhance your Google Workspace experience

Bring you Google tools to the next level

What if all your team could create and manage shared contacts from the Google Contacts interface directly, or from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Voice, or any of your G Suite or Google Workspace services?


CRM or no CRM?

Save money on CRM seats

Are you tired of paying for CRM seats just for accessing and updating customer contact details? Shared contacts for Gmail® helps you cut CRM costs.


Safe and Sound

Comply with privacy regulations

Your contact data is safely protected as we abide with the most severe security and privacy programs. You will also improve your compliance level: In case of removal request, a single click from the DPO deletes the contact from everyone’s address books at once.

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Customer stories

What do our customers think?

2,650,138 Users

Everyone in my team can now create and update their important contacts details, even their CRM customers information, through Gmail directly... or even Google Drive, on their PCs and mobile.... A dream for teams who are moving a lot!

Dustin Knopfler, CMO at Vize

Shared Contacts for Gmail® helps the teachers to access all the students' and parents' phones numbers and emails in their favorite apps (gmail, iPhone contacts etc.) The data is always up to date because all admin staff has permission to update the contacts.

Daniel Moreno, Principal at the Dubliner School

Thanks to this service, the IT department doesn't have to worry about contacts anymore! We connected our 3 Active Directories to Shared Contacts® and now our users are extremely happy: They can access up-to-date phones numbers from all their devices when they need them.

Miri Blum, CIO at Locarem

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