Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share my Google Contacts?

To share your Google contacts, you first need to access the application, then you will see all your Google Contacts and labels.
Then, you just have to select the contacts (or labels) of your choice, and click on the “Share” (enter image description here) icon.
After that, select the users you want to invite to access these shared contacts and define their permissions.
More on this tutorial.

Where can my colleagues see the contact I shared with them?

Once contacts are shared, the invited users will be able to see them at:
…Shared Contacts for Gmail® app
…Google Contacts (at the left pane, they will see the shared labels containing the shared contacts)
…Gmail (using autocomplete or by clicking on the shared contacts icon)
…Their mobile phone’s address books
…Google Drive
…Google Agenda
…Their IP Phone
…At hundreds of other applications synchronized with Google contacts.

Where can I find my Google Contacts?

To find your Google Contacts, you just need to click on the launcher menu on the top-right-hand side of Gmail or any other Google application:

Can shared contact be updated by users?

Yes, if they have the “Can Edit”, “Can Delete”, or “Can Reshare” permission. However, users with “View Only” permission cannot update shared contacts.

Can I share all my Google contacts at once automatically?

You can share all your Google contacts at once by clicking on the share icon next to the “Contacts” main label and inviting users. Afterward, all your contacts will be shared with the invited users. Moreover, your team can instantly access the newly created contacts from your shared label.

Can I share and update contacts from my mobile?

You can share contacts from your mobile by installing our mobile application, available for Android or for iOS. Alternatively, you can also use the native contacts apps or your phone to access and update shared contacts.

Can I create shared contacts from my Gmail inbox?

You can edit create shared contacts and edit them directly from your Gmail inbox, directly from an email sender or recipient by clicking on the “Shared Contacts” icon () in Gmail right pane.

When a shared contact calls a user’s phone, will the caller ID recognize this contact automatically?

Yes, as long as you activated the synchronization with your Google contacts, your phone will recognize any contact shared with you immediately.

Why am I required to grant permissions to my Google account?

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a Google marketplace application. For better security, it uses Google authentication system and will need to access your contacts in order to share them with your team. If you are a Google administrator installing the application for your domain, we also require permissions to access the users of your domain, in order to facilitate internal sharing, your domain groups (to be able to share automatically with all members of a group), your Google licenses (to be able to offer you bundles offers) and some security settings in order to give you an overview of the other permissions you granted to your domain.

How is my data protected?

As a Google Premier Partner serving numerous Fortune 500 companies, including financial and governmental institutions, Shared Contacts for Gmail® takes the security of its customer data very seriously. Thus, we have committed to abide by the most severe regulations. Read our security policy to know about the concrete measures we are taking to protect your data.

Is Shared Contacts for Gmail® GDPR compliant?

Shared Contacts for Gmail® story started in Paris. One of our main development centers is still based in Paris. Therefore, not only are we fully GDPR compliant, but we already abided by all these concepts way before the EU enforced this regulation, as we were compliant with the french Informatique et Libertés law by the CNIL.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply clicking on “Cancel” on your subscription dashboard.
When you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to the service until the expiration of your prepaid period.

How long are the contacts stored after deletion or subscription cancellation?

Our servers hold the deleted contacts for up to 30 days, for recovery purposes in case of accidental deletion. The system permanently deletes the contacts after that period. However, if you are using our unlimited backup feature, we can keep an archive of your deleted contacts as long as your subscription is running.
Our system will store your data in an archive for six (6) months after you have canceled your subscription. After that period, the servers will permanently delete all your data. Importantly, you can exercise your right of deletion before the expiration with a simple written request.

Does it work with Outlook?

Yes! Google contacts are synchronized with Outlook thanks to Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO). You can see and edit all contacts belonging to the label “Contacts” from Outlook contacts. You can also do this to labels with “Outlook Sync” turned on.

Should I install the application on my whole Google domain?

We highly recommended installing the application for the whole domain from the Google Workspace marketplace. Therefore, you will be able to seamlessly share contacts with your team members. If you don’t install the app for the whole domain, each user will need to grant access to their contacts individually.

Do you keep a backup of our deleted contacts?

Our server backs up deleted contacts on a daily basis for the “restore” feature in the Corporate edition. Our system deletes all backups after six (6) months after the expiration of the subscription.

What is the difference between the Lite, Team, Business, and Corporate plans?

You can compare the features on our pricing page.
In short:
Lite is limited to very small teams with very few contacts to share.
Team is for medium-sized teams of the same organization.
Business is for organizations with highly collaborative needs (sharing on multiple domains, sharing with Google groups, contacts sharing from Gmail or mobile…)
Corporate is for organizations that have security requirements, such as logging or backup, as well as directory management.

Do you offer a discount for non-profit or educational institutions?

Schools, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations are eligible for a 30% discount!
Contact us to get yours!

Do you offer discounts for a large number of users?

Yes, we do! We can offer aggressive discounts according to the size of your order. Just book a call with us or contact us via chat or email!

How many licenses do I need to buy?

Google Workspace customers can buy as few as 5 licenses up to as many as they want.
Gmail consumers version can buy a minimum of 2 licenses (one needs to be 2 to share)

Do you have a free edition?

You can use the Business version for free during your 15 days trial. There is no unlimited free edition.

Can I share individual contacts instead of labels?

Yes, you can share single or several contacts without sharing the whole label where it belongs. The app will automatically add those contacts to the shared list.

Is the synchronization with Google Contacts a 2-way synchronization?

Yes! Shared Contacts for Gmail® regularly polls Google Contacts to detect any changes made to your users’ address books. Conversely, the app will reflect any changes you made from it to Google Contacts.

How long does it take for all my contacts to be synchronized with other users?

All will depend on the number of contacts you are sharing as well as the number of users you are sharing them with. The first share generally takes less than 5 minutes.
However, the updated contacts synchronize instantly if the user utilizes one of our applications (web app, mobile app, Gmail add-on). The automatic update also occurs when they have installed our plug-ins on their Google Contacts manager.
For contacts updated with other means, the synchronization frequency is around every 20 minutes.

Can I automatically share contact labels with all the members of my organization, without manually sharing them every time a new employee is enrolled?

Yes! As Shared Contacts for Gmail® supports domain group sharing, – starting from Business Edition, you can share a label with a Google Workspace domain group configured for “all users”, and all the users of your domain (including new ones) will automatically inherit that label in their Google contacts.

Can I share a label/contact list or my domain directory for users that are outside of my Google domain?

Yes! Starting from Business Edition, you will be able to share your contact labels with any user with a Google account, even outside of your organization. With the Corporate edition, you will also be able to share your Google Workspace domain Directory with users outside of your domain.

Is it possible to share contacts with free Gmail users?

It is possible to share contacts with anyone with a Google account, it can be Gmail, legacy (free) Google Apps, G Suite, or Google Workspace account.

What is the difference between a label, a contact list, and a group?

A label is the same thing as a contact list or an address book: It is an entity that contains contacts in order to categorize them. A group (sometimes you will hear “Google Groups”, “Domain Groups” or “Mailing Lists” are groups of users that share a common email address (for instance ““). When you share a label with a group, all the users in this group will have access to that label.

Who can create and share contacts lists/contacts labels?

Anyone in the organization can create contact labels in Google contacts or contact lists in the Shared Contacts for Gmail® dashboard.
Every licensed domain user can share their own contact labels. But, only the administrator can prevent certain users to share their own labels.
Users can reshare the shared labels if they have “Can Reshare” permissions.

How are Shared Contacts for Gmail® licenses assigned to users?

Licenses assignation is made by the application automatically.
The first license is assigned from the start to the user that installed the application.
Then, every time a contact list is shared with a user, a new license will be used.
When you share a contact list/label with a Domain Group (Google Group) each member of the user’s group will consume one (1) license. 

Note: If you share with more users than your number of licenses, the new ones will be marked as “Unlicensed”. 
You can easily buy more licenses on your subscription page by clicking on ‘Add Licenses’. 

You can liberate a license from a user and transfer it to another user by simply removing the invitation of the first user from the labels that are shared with them.

Can I share a label with a group email?

Yes! If you create a Google group in your Google Workspace domain, you will be able to share a label with that group and all the users of that group will have access to that label. This works in the same way you would share a Google Drive folder with that group.

Will I be able to “unshare” contacts after I shared them?

Yes. If you don’t want a user to have access to the contacts you shared with them, you simply need to remove access, using your shared contacts dashboard or Google Contacts plugin.

What access permission can I give to the users I invited to the shared label?

You can share your contacts with varying levels of access controls:
View Only: Users can only see the shared contacts and groups. They can also add private comments.
→Can Edit: Users can see the shared contacts and groups. They can also add new contacts to the shared group. As well as change the data on the existing shared contacts. Also, they can add private and public comments.
→Can Delete: Same permissions as “Can Edit”. Plus, they can also delete the shared contacts.
Can Reshare: Same permissions as “Can Delete”. Plus, they can also share the label with new collaborators and remove or change access from existing collaborators.
Owner: Has full permission on the contact list. Plus, they can also delete or rename the shared label.

A colleague is leaving the organization, is there a way to transfer their contacts?

When someone is leaving the organization, you can transfer ownership of the contact lists that you want to keep to another user.

Can I re-share a contact list that was initially shared with me?

Yes! If the owner of the label grants you the “Can Reshare” permission, you will be able to share the label with new users. Moreover, you can also manage the permissions of the existing collaborators in the list.

Is it possible to view and edit the contact details of an email sender directly from Gmail?

Yes, thanks to Shared Contacts Gmail Addon, you can empower your Gmail with all the features of Shared Contacts for Gmail®: You can view and edit the contact information of an email sender or recipient. As well as, add notes and comments, notify colleagues and of course, add the recipient to a shared contact list.

Do Shared Contacts for Gmail synchronize contact profile pictures?

Yes! When you share Google Contacts with Shared Contacts for Gmail®, the other users will have access to all contact information of these contacts, including their profile pictures.

Is the free trial limited in terms of contact sharing?

No, you can share as many contacts and labels during the 15 days of your free trial. When your trial expires, you will need to choose a plan in order to keep these shares active.

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes! You can apply for our Shared Contacts for Gmail® partner program by applying on our partner page.

Can I hide some details of my contact when sharing it to my colleagues?

Yes, this is done through the hidden fields feature. Hide birthdays, personal phone numbers, or private email addresses of your contacts to those who don’t need those details.