Google Drive Contacts

Create, Update and Share contacts directly from Google Drive™

Empower your Google Drive™ interface with this contacts add-on

Never give access to your documents or Drive folders to the wrong people: Know all the contacts details of a collaborator of a document, see and update their contact details directly from Google Drive and share these details with your colleagues in one click!

Shared Contacts for Google Drive™, brings Contact management to your Google Drive experience:
→ See all the contact details of collaborators of a drive item (Folder or file)
→ Visualize who is in a Google group to always be aware of who can access Drive resources
→ Add any Drive/Doc collaborator as a contact or a shared contact
→ Update the information of a contact directly from Google Drive
→ See the information and notes that your colleagues have added these contacts

This Drive Addon also gives you also access to the Shared Contacts for Gmail® web shared contacts manager.

Create, Update and Share contacts directly from Google Drive