Is it Good to Install the Google Workspace Marketplace App to Your Whole Domain?

The Google Workspace Marketplace allows users to install the application at an individual level ONLY if your Google account is not a google workspace or G Suite account.

If you are a Google Workspace or G Suite domain administrator, you will se a button “Domain Install“. This button allows you to authorize the application to other users of your domain.

Use Domain Install button to download Shared Contacts for Gmail for your organisations domain
Why is it important to make an "Admin Install"?
  • Your users will not need to sign up individually to acces the shared contacts, which could be tedious for a large organization.
  • Share contact labels with whole groups of users instead of individual users
  • See who is in a domain group (or shared email addresses ) in Shared Contacts, Gmail, or Google Contacts
  • Share the domain internal directory of users within and outside of the domain and give non-administrators the possibility to update the directory users’ information.
  • Control who in the organization will be able to install, authorize and use the app
  • Easily deploy our add-ons (Chrome extension, Gmail add-on, mobile apps) across all the users of their organization

There you have it! The process of installing Shared Contacts for Gmail Add-on in Google Workspace Marketplace for the whole domain is the exact same as a user would install it for an individual. Click here to see how to install the Add-on with ease!