How to Handle Authorization Error: “Error 400: admin_policy_enforced”

When Shared Contacts users try to log into their account, users can get an error message indicating there was an Authorization “Error 400: admin_policy_enforced“. This error is not related to the Shared Contacts for Gmail® app, but to the configuration made by the G Suite administrator that restricts access to third-party apps to the Google Workspace data. 

To resolve the error, the G-Suite administrator needs to allow access to Shared Contacts®. If you can access the Google Admin console with your account, these changes can be made by you. Otherwise, contact the administrator for your organization and ask them to follow these steps.  

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Follow the steps below in order to manage the authorization error and access your Shared Contacts® account.

  1. When a user tries to install the app on their GSuite domain and receives an ‘Authorization Error’ as seen below

    To see more information on this error, simply click ‘Request Details’

    Authorization Error 400- Admin_policy_enforced when installing GSC

  2. The user must log into their Google GSuite/Workspace Admin console > Go to Security under the menu bar > API Controls > Click on Manage Third-party App Access

    From the Google GSuite:Workspace Admin console Go to Security then API Controls

  3. Click on “Add App” and then “OAuth App Name Or Client ID

    Click on Add App and then OAuth App Name Or Client ID

  4. Type in the search bar “Shared Contacts Google Workspace

    Select the one named “Shared Contacts: Share Google Workspace™ Contacts

    Type in the search bar Shared Contacts Google Workspace

  5. Select all the apps authorization: 

    By selecting the tick box of ‘OAuth Client ID’

    Select all the apps authorization

  6. Mark it as “Trusted” and finally click on the “Configure” button

    Mark it as Trustred and finally click on the Configure button

If you have any more questions or assistance with the Error 400 issue, please feel free to contact our support team.