How to Synchronize My Google Contact Labels on My iPhone or iPad (iOS)?

A common problem occurs when you synchronize your Google Contacts with your iPhone or iPad. Your mobile device does not retrieve all of the groups of contact (contact labels).

In this tutorial, you’ll see how simple it is to find and manage your Google contacts or contacts labels directly from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad etc.)

Time needed: 2 minutes.

In order to find your Google Contact labels within your iPhone or iPad, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your labels are found in your Google Contacts manager.

    All your labels/contact lists will be found under ‘Labels’.

    Make sure your labels are found in your Google Contacts manager.

  2. Install the Shared Contacts for iOS application from the Appstore.

    Follow all security and access permissions prompts to allow the application to retrieve your labels from Google in a 2-ways synchronization with Google

    Install Shared Contacts for Gmail in iOS

  3. Click on ‘Contact Lists’. All your shared Labels will appear.

    If you click on ‘My Contacts’ under ‘Contact Lists’ you will find all your shared Google Contacts.

    Click on 'Contact list', and all your shared Google Contacts will appear

  4. Share these labels with other colleagues by clicking on the SHARE icon.

    You can share these labels with both individual and Google domain groups.

  5. Create and edit contacts like a normal contacts manager.

    To add a new contact, click the yellow addition icon and the ‘Create Contact’. If you want too edit or manage a current contact, simply click on the contact. Then, proceed to make any changes.

Congrats, you are now a pro at finding, creating, and managing your contact labels on your iPhone and iPad!