How to See Your Remaining Subscription Licenses

Shared Contacts for Gmail provides organizations with a seamless means to monitor the availability of subscription licenses. The allocation of “used” licenses depends upon the number of users utilizing the application or accessing shared contact labels.

Our application takes care of license assignments automatically. The initial license is automatically allocated to the user who installed the app. Subsequently, each time a contact list (label) is shared with a user, an additional license is utilized. In the event that users share a label with a Domain Group (Google Group), each member within the user’s group will consume one license.

There are two ways to do it.

  1. Through the web application
  2. Using Chrome extension

First Method: Through the Web Application

Time needed: 2 minutes.

  1. Log in to your Shared Contacts for Gmail account.

  2. On your Shared Contacts for Gmail dashboard, click on “Admin”.

    click on “Admin” In Shared Contacts for Gmail

  3. The Admin dashboard depicts all available licenses.

    Only the admin has access to the admin page.

    Admin dashboard of Shared Contacts for Gmail depicts all available licenses

  4. Click on the “Add Licenses” icon and follow the prompts.

    Contact support for help with adding or removing extra licenses.

    Click on the “Add Licenses” In Shared Contacts Admin

Second Method: Using Chrome Extension

Once you have successfully installed your Chrome extension, your Google Contacts dashboard will have the Chrome add-on as seen below. Simply click on ‘Add licenses’.

Your page will reload to the admin’s billing page where you are able to purchase more licenses. (if you do not have our Chrome extension installed already, have a look at how to install the Chrome extension).


Keeping tabs on the remaining subscription licenses you have is important. If you see you have a low number of available licenses, it’s high time to optimize it. Remove unnecessary users to save up on the licenses. Otherwise, if you share with more users than your number of licenses, the new ones will be marked as “Unlicensed”. If more is still needed, you can easily buy more licenses on your subscription page by clicking on ‘Add Licenses’. 

It should also be noted that admins need not worry about how to assign licenses. Shared Contacts for Gmail® automatically assigns the user licenses to each account you shared the label with.