How to Liberate Licenses for Departed Users

When employees leave a company or a user no longer needs access to shared contacts anymore we recommend removing that user from all labels they were invited to, to avoid using a license for them.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow the following procedure to remove a departed user:

  1. Sign into your Shared Contacts for Gmail® account

    Click on the “Sign in with Google” button on the top.

    Sign in to your Shared Contacts Manager on Shared Contacts for Gmail

  2. Click on ‘Users & Licenses’

    ‘Users & Licenses’ gives you an overview of the status and the labels users belong to.

    Click on users & licenses

  3. Find the user you would like to remove the license from

    To liberate a license, you need to click on the icon that will appear when user hovers their mouse between the licensed status and the labels columns

    Find user you want to remove

  4. Liberate the license of the chosen contact by clicking on the remove icon for that user

    Attention: After liberating the licenses of a user, he will lose access to all the contacts that were shared with them.

    lick the icon to remove license


Why are my old users still holding licenses?

It is likely that the old users were suspended or deleted from the customer’s Google Workspace admin console prior to the admin unsharing contact labels first. To fix this, simply launch Shared Contacts and unshare the old users.

You have unshared a label, but the old user is still holding a license?

Contact support.

And that is how you can easily free up a license in your Shared Contacts for Gmail® account.