How to Unshare Contacts That You Have Shared With Others

If you have accidentally shared a contact label with the wrong user, or perhaps need to revoke access from an old employee, Shared Contacts for Gmail has you covered. Don’t worry, it’s easy to unshare contacts.

We highly recommend our users manage and edit their Google contacts from Shared Contacts for Gmail. If for some reason you prefer to manage your contacts directly from Google Contacts, do not worry, we will show you both ways to easily unshare your contacts in a matter of seconds!

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Whether you would like to unshare contacts from an individual or a group, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Sign in to your shared contacts manager

    Click on the “Sign in with Google” button on the top of your screen.

    Sign in to your Shared Contacts Manager on Shared Contacts for Gmail

  2. Click on the share icon of the label which has the user you would like to remove.

    The share icon can be found next to the avatars of the collaborators.

    Click on the share icon of the label which has the user you would like to remove.

  3. All collaborators for the label will appear here. Simply remove the collaborators or groups by clicking on the bin icon.

    Don’t forget to click on “Save changes’ in order to validate your choice.

    click on the bin icon on as many collaborators you would like to unshare this contact label with

  4. You can also unshare directly from Google Contacts if you use the Google Contacts Share Chrome Extension.

    Simply click on the “X” to remove the collaborator(s), and then “Save changes”.

    click on the “x” to remove the collaborator from a shared contact label

  5. As you can see, if you re-enter the sharing icon, there are no more collaborators!

    Congratulations, your unsharing was successful!

    Unsharing was successful

See, that was easy! You have successfully unshared your contact label(s) in a matter of a few seconds. There is also no notification to the person that you have unshared the contact label.