Export Contact Details When an Employee Leaves

It is often a challenge to get hold of all the contacts that an employee has, especially when they decide to leave the organisation. Shared Contacts for Gmail allows for a seamless transfer of that users organisational contacts.

There are two ways to easily get the ownership of those contacts:

One way is to follow How to Change Ownership of a Google Contact Label, this method require the user to simply transfer their ownership of a shared label by changing access permissions.

If for some reason you prefer an alternative method, you can export contacts from your employee’s Google Workspace account. You first need to reset the password from Google Admin first so you can log in to the user account. Once you have the access to the employee account, follow the steps below to continue with this method:

Time needed: 4 minutes.

  1. Access your Google Contacts

  2. Click on Export on the left hand side menu

    Export Google Contacts

  3. Choose the contacts you want to export and make sure you choose ‘Google CSV’ as your file type > Hit “Export”

    Here, we are exporting all of this users contacts. If you would like to solely export a specific label, simply click on the pulldown arrow next to contacts and choose the label you’d like to export. choose ‘Google CSV’ as your file type

  4. In order to import these contacts to another Google Workspace account, first log into Google Contacts of the user you are going to import these contacts to. Once logged in, click on ‘Import’ on the left hand side menu

    import these contacts to another Google Workspace account

  5. Click on “Select file” and select the file you have exported earlier > Click ‘Import’

    select the CSV file you have exported with your google contacts

  6. There you have it! All the exported contacts are successfully imported.

    All the CSV exported Google contacts are successfully imported.

That’s it, you are done! You have not only exported contacts, you have also learned to import contacts into a separate users account in a matter of minutes, thanks to Shared Contacts for Gmail.