How to Tag a Colleague, a Group, or Everyone in a Contact

Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows anyone who has permission higher than “View Only” to add comments and inform other users about the existence of any changes regarding the entry. This is done without the need to write an email or chat with whom the contact is shared.

They can do this by tagging anyone they wish to inform in the contact card. The tags are made in the comment section under the shared contact itself. 

In order to tag a colleague, a group, or everyone in a Google Contact comment on any platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the shared contact where you want to tag somebody.

    You can do so from your Shared Contacts Dashboard, directly from Google Contacts if you are using our Chrome Extension. Moreover, you can also see it from Gmail,  Calendar, or Drive with the Google Workspace Addon.)

  2. In the comment section, type the “@”  followed by the name of the person you want to tag.

    You can also tag an existing group or create a new one and type that label after the “@” symbol. Furthermore, you can tag everyone from the directory. Just ensure that you have a dynamic group label to automate the group management.

  3. You and the person or group you have tagged can now see the tagged comment.

    how to tag users screen shot

  4. Consequently, the person or group you tagged receives an email notification.

    Your colleague can view the updated information immediately from the email as well. Furthermore, they can open the contact directly by clicking the to tag users email notification

There you have it. Now, you have tagged somebody on the contact. This saved you the time and effort of writing an email regarding the changes. Moreover, the date stamp marks

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