Customer Case


The 500+ employees of RJF, needed a solution that could help them to collaborate easily on all enterprise data. Google Workspace was the solution, Shared Contacts for Gmail® was the decision trigger.

Koroseal RJF Integration with Shared Contacts for Gmail
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The Customer

RJF Int'l Corp. is a customer-oriented manufacturer of engineered polymer products for select specialty markets. RJF is a leader in its market through constant innovation and technical know-how. This innovative company needed an innovative collaborative solution. Hence, they decided to move all their staff to Google Workspace.

The Challenge

01 . Share Google and Outlook contacts

RJF left Microsoft Exchange and migrated to Google Workspace. The whole staff was excited to switch to the cutting-edge environment of Google. They enjoyed the simple user-friendly yet efficient tools Google offers. It's not much of a trouble the familiarization as most use the Google platform for their personal life. Moreover, the switch proves gains in productivity as well as serious savings. However, even though Google Workspace offers a top-notch suite of productivity tools, they still needed something. RJF requires contact sharing. This missing function almost compromised their migration. RJF employees share addresses in Outlook/Microsoft Exchange. It is unacceptable for them to give up this feature. Google Workspace offers the possibility to manage a central global address list (GAL). However, the GAL is automatically shared with the whole company. This poses a problem regarding proper authorization.

02 . Access GAL from mobile phone

Moreover, the shared contacts from the Google domain GAL do not appear in the Gmail Contact Manager. It also doesn't appear on the user's mobile devices. Users cannot modify the shared contacts as well. It was therefore impossible to really “collaborate” on shared contacts.

The Solution

RJF tried several contact-sharing apps from the Google Marketplace for contact sharing. Eventually, they chose Shared Contacts for Gmail® because of its stability, efficiency, and user-friendly interface.  Furthemore, RJF have concerns over data privacy and security. Shared Contacts for Gmail customer care satisfactorily explained how this is met. The employees find the change very easy. They are already familiar with Google interfaces (Google Contacts, Gmail, and their Android phones). Hence, managing the shared contacts is a breeze. Even Shared Contacts for Gmail comes with a third-party user interface, it's not necessary to use it. Everyone can enjoy their shared contacts without opening it. The sharing interface provides the same user experience as the “share” feature of Google Drive/Google Docs. The shared contacts are quickly synched between users and company iPhones, iPads, email softwares (like Outlook or Thunderbird) plus hundreds of other integrated apps (Whatsapp, Ring Central, etc.)

Our benchmark for the contact-sharing app naturally led us to choose Shared Contacts for Gmail®. We could never have had the full engagement of our staff without it.

Stacey McDonald, Manager of CRM Applications at RJC
Saved work hours