Customer Case

BKB Realty Group

Real estate business involves more than location, location, location. Aside from property details, managing the personal information of clients, contractors, and other stakeholders with the utmost security can be overwhelming. BKB Realty Group needed a contact management solution to handle their sensitive information (e.g. personal phone numbers and seller’s notes such as lead source) to ensure the trust of the property buyers and sellers. 

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The Customer

BKB Realty Group is a growing real estate agency dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results to various clients seeking mid-range residential properties. Their team of experienced professionals offers personalized guidance and expertise throughout every stage of the buying, selling, or leasing process. 

The Challenge

01 . Selective contact data sharing

The real estate agency needs to manage a wide array of client information from their contact management software wherein all data regarding the buyers and sellers are stored, including personal details, property preferences, and financial documents. The agents directly involved in clients' transactions require details like the income level, personal preferences, and number of children. Meanwhile, other employees like administrative staff or marketing department, only need to know the phone number and email address of these clients.


However, their contact management platform does not allow the hiding of selected details to certain users. They have assessed that this could lead to the leak of personal information, compliance issues, and legal implications among other unfavorable situations if everyone has access to all the data.

02 . Group level privileges 

Aside from the need to hide specific data, BKB Realty Group also wanted to do it in a manner wherein all changes were applied automatically per department. It would be a tedious task to give the access permission and the specific viewable fields if they would have to assign it one by one.

Unfortunately, this feature was also not available in their previous contact management app. The manual entry opens a door to a big room for error, potentially granting individuals inappropriate access levels or visibility into the wrong fields.

The Solution

To address these challenges, BKB Realty Group deployed Shared Contacts for Gmail.  The hidden fields feature effectively met their confidentiality needs, ensuring only authorized users can view, edit or delete client's contact information. Now that they have better control over which data each group can access, their overall contact management efficiency increased significantly.

Helpful Features
Group Level Privileges

Instead of setting access permissions individually for each user, you can share contact lists with entire Google groups that are in your Google Workspace admin console.

Specific Fields Permission

Restrict the visibility of certain fields to specific users only.

Data Security and Privacy

Your contact data is safely protected as we abide with the most severe security and privacy programs. You will also improve your compliance level.

The Result

By subscribing to Shared Contacts for Gmail, the real estate agency successfully enhanced data privacy and bolstered efficiency. With sensitive information protected and relevant data readily accessible to the appropriate team members, BKB Realty Group strengthened its client relationships and positioned itself for continued success in the real estate market.

"In the real estate industry, ensuring data privacy while optimizing operations is paramount. Shared Contacts for Gmail revolutionized our approach, offering hidden fields that safeguard sensitive information. This not only boosted efficiency but also fostered client trust, paving the path for sustainable growth in our dynamic market."

Brandon Stewart, Business Manager
Saved work hours