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Shared Contacts for Gmail® helped Meca-Inox to complete their migration from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace, while ensuring their staff too keep the same user experience.

Meca Inox Integration with Shared Contacts for Gmail
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Shared contacts
Saved work hours
The Customer

Meca-Inox is a leader in ball valve manufacturing from France. They are now expanding across Europe and the world. The company was founded in 1955. They were formerly using Lotus Notes. Recently, they have decided to migrate to a cloud solution. This is for them to be able to adapt to their global distribution network. It also gives their employees more mobility.

The Challenge

01 . Need for shared contact list

When Meca-Inox tested their Proof Of Concept of the migration from Domino/Lotus Notes to Google, it revealed that they could not migrate their shared address books. Google Workspace was meeting most of Meca-Inox requirements. However, they would not proceed with the migration unless the users can share several address books (grouped per region or per department) with specific users or groups of users. Furthermore, everyone can access shared contacts from their mobile devices as well.

02 . Different level of access

They also want that users can set different access permissions for that address books (edit/view only/delete contacts) to enforce authority over contact information. This is crucial so that the integrity of their contact database can be upheld as only authorized personnel can modify the contact details.

The Solution

While still in the 30-day trial version of Google Workspace, they installed Shared Contacts for Gmail® and started their Google Workspace pilot, giving their users the opportunity to enjoy all the features of Google Workspace + contact sharing capabilities. They decided to migrate to Google Workspace without finishing their trial version. Thanks to Shared Contacts for Gmail®.

Helpful Features
Google Contacts sharing

Share contact lists and Google Contacts labels with your team, who will instantly see the shared contacts in their dashboard, in Google Contacts, their mobile devices and other third-party apps.

Sync with Outlook or Mobile phones

You can decide to synchronize or not the shared contacts with the mobile devices and outlook clients of your colleagues.

Permissions Management

Owners can decide if their collaborators can view only the shared contacts or also modify, delete or reshare them. They can also transfer the ownership of a whole contact list.

The Result

Meca-Inox now enjoys the convenience of cloud-based technology. Moreover,  Shared Contacts for Gmail allows them to impose restrictions on who can edit or delete contact database information. This feature upholds the integrity of their contact database by limiting changes to authorized personnel.

"If we hadn’t known about Shared Contacts for Gmail®, we would have gone for Office 365 instead of Google Apps. "

Jean Chartier, CIO | Meca-Inox
Saved work hours