Electronic Production Tool & Supply, Inc. (EPTS)

A direct distributor of electronic equipment accessories and spare parts needs to be able to share their client contact database among the team members. Given their close customer relationships, every new team member must be automatically updated with the latest customer contact information. This ensures they can promptly respond to quotation requests, check spare parts availability, and address inquiries regarding Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Discover how EPTS reaped the benefits of contact management at a small fraction of the cost for a CRM.
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The Customer

Electronic Production Tool & Supply, Inc. (EPTS) is a factory-authorized distributor of instruments, consumables, and even chemicals used to assemble, maintain, or repair electronic equipment. Their wide range of products includes camera systems and accessories, fume extraction and spare parts, as well as soldering equipment to name a few. 

The Challenge

01 . Need for a reliable contact management system

EPTS requires a contact-sharing app that would enable anyone from their team to access and update the client’s email and phone number. It would also be advantageous to them if they could share notes regarding the contacts. This would help them track and schedule follow-ups for projects as a group. 

Recently, they had to meet with one of their large municipal accounts, but three team members each had different phone numbers and pieces of information about the clients. They had to manually consolidate this data to gain a complete picture of the customer and their history. The struggle required significant time and effort. This experience highlighted their urgency to acquire a professional contact management tool that allows them to centralize customer information.

02 . Finding a cost-effective solution

A CRM could easily address their contact management needs. If they would be availing a full CRM, buying costly licenses for users who only needs to collaborate on contacts is a high price to pay. Furthermore, while free CRM versions are available, their limited seating and storage capacity are inadequate. Additionally, learning a new user interface or onboarding the full software would be time-consuming, and EPTS prefers a plug-and-play solution.

The Solution

EPTS discovered Shared Contacts for Gmail. They immediately created shared contact groups and assigned them to team members, finding the process virtually seamless. While they are still exploring the app, they discovered that they can even update and add contacts to shared labels through Google Contacts, too. EPTS found using the app easy. They encountered no issues, as Shared Contacts for Gmail automatically synchronizes and updates the labels.

Helpful Features
CRM alternative

Save money on CRM seats by no longer paying for it when you just need to share contacts. Your employees who just needs to access or update the customer's phone and email address can be subscribed to Shared Contacts for Gmail for a small fraction of the cost of CRM seat.

Google Contacts sharing

Share contact lists and Google Contacts labels with your team, who will instantly see the shared contacts in their dashboard, in Google Contacts, their mobile devices and other third-party apps.

Comments and notifications

Your team can comment contacts and notify their colleagues when they make an important update for example.

The Result

As EPTS welcomed a new employee, they discovered how easy it is to share their contact database. They simply added him to the group that has access to all customers. Instantly, he can see the client list contact details from his phone and Gmail contacts making him more productive from day one. On top of that, the company now fully enjoys its centralized contact database with the capability to share and update the contact information with notes. They are also satisfied that they can easily use the app on their Google Workspace environment.

Without Shared Contacts for Gmail, we would continue to struggle or have to buy a full-blown CRM that we don't really need. Now we just use a familiar interface made for Workspace.

Saved work hours