Customer Case

Asclepius Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry demands safe data management, especially for its R&D contact database. Asclepius Pharmaceuticals sought a solution to their need for a secured server for a contact management application that would integrate smoothly with their inventory and R&D software.

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The Customer

Asclepius Pharmaceuticals is a medium-scale medicine development and distribution company, whose product line includes generic medicines, multivitamins, and nutraceutical products. They also conduct numerous research and development studies for new drugs.

The Challenge

01 . Managing sensitive contact information

Asclepius Pharmaceuticals worries about the security risks associated when they need to integrate their contact database with their inventory and R&D software. Currently, the contacts were uploaded manually to their local software but they need to find a more efficient way wherein it can be attached to the inventory directly from their contact database. The needed improvement would allow their personnel to easily communicate the needed purchases and availability for sales.

As for the R&D, they need their contacts for updates regarding the studies being conducted. The company adheres to strict data privacy rules. Therefore, it is a must that the connection between their software to the contact database is well-secured.

02  . Integration with other software

Furthermore, their existing contact management system does not integrate with their inventory software. This causes some inefficiencies and data discrepancies in the communication and updating of data. Asclepius Pharmaceuticals needs a reliable platform that enables the contact database to be updated by authorized personnel only to avoid data breaches and integrity compromises.

The Solution

Shared Contacts for Gmail provided swift and detailed assistance on a technical level with their software integration. Now, Asclepius Pharmaceuticals enjoys secured real-time data synchronization between its contact database and internal software. More importantly, they can now securely share their contacts within their department for better collaboration and data management.

Helpful Features
Data Security and Privacy

Your contact data is safely protected as we abide with the most severe security and privacy programs. You will also improve your compliance level.

Developer's API

Share labels or create shared contacts from your own apps thanks to our developers API.

Google Contacts sharing

Share contact lists and Google Contacts labels with your team, who will instantly see the shared contacts in their dashboard, in Google Contacts, their mobile devices and other third-party apps.

The result

Following the implementation of the solution, the contact management process of Asclepius Pharmaceuticals becomes more efficient and secure. Shared Contacts for Gmail’s stringent platform significantly reduce data breaches and unauthorized access risks. As a result, data gathering gained more accuracy as well as the supply chain operations.

"Our partnership with Shared Contacts for Gmail has transformed our contact management.  The smooth communication and real-time data synchronization have greatly improved our processes and productivity."

Lea Brookes, Chief Information Officer
Saved work hours