Good Shepherd Ministries

Good Shepherd Ministries needed a contact-sharing app for its growing congregation. This customer case explores how clergies and other officials benefited from a contact management app to ensure timely and effective communication for community outreach, pastoral care support groups, and volunteer coordination.

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The Customer

Good Shepherd Ministries serves a diverse congregation of over 500 parishioners. The church routinely conducts programs, including food drives, youth mentorship, and volunteer services. The congregation involves a dynamic number of members from different age groups and backgrounds, necessitating tailored communication and engagement strategies. 

The Challenge

01 . iOs and Android group contact list sharing

The church leadership, including the pastor, administrators, and volunteer coordinators, seek an efficient solution to manage member information and improve communication. They need a contact-sharing app compatible with both iOS and Android to facilitate seamless information exchange for their soup kitchen, youth catechism, and fundraising activities for charity.

After testing a few free versions of contact-sharing apps, they found limitations in the number of users and contacts that could be shared. Upgrading to the full versions incurs significant costs, which they try to avoid.

However, without a reliable contact management system, they face data inconsistency issues and occasionally use outdated contact information. This leads to communication breakdowns, missed meetings, and disorganized events.

02 . Group segmentation

Good Shepherd Ministries organizes activities such as a soup kitchen, street outreach, and youth-based programs. To effectively manage these efforts, facilitators need to group volunteers based on demographics, interests, and potential for character development.

The contact management app they require must be user-friendly, accommodating the fluctuating number of volunteers and the challenge of coordinating schedules. Additionally, the ability to share notes about each contact would greatly aid in better profiling.

However, the free versions of contact management apps they have previously tried have overly complex user interfaces, making group creation tedious. 

The Solution

Good Shepherd Ministries discovered Shared Contacts for Gmail® and was delighted that its features met their needs at a budget-friendly price. Their excitement grew when they learned about the available non-profit discount. Now, they effortlessly share contact groups, with users finding the app easy to learn and use due to its automatic and instantaneous synchronization. They also appreciate the ability to share contact notes, allowing them to record and share detailed information about their volunteers with fellow church leaders. Most importantly, the cross-platform compatibility of Shared Contacts for Gmail® ensures that volunteer group contact details are seamlessly updated and shared, regardless of whether the activity leaders use Android or iOS devices.

Helpful Features
Android / iOS Apps

Manage your users, your contact lists and your google contacts labels directly from your phone.

Non-profit discount

Schools, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations are eligible for special discount rates.

Comments and notifications

Your team can comment contacts and notify their colleagues when they make an important update for example.

The Result

Shared Contacts for Gmail® streamlined outreach operations for Good Shepherd Ministries. Activity leaders appreciated the ease of creating volunteer groups and effortlessly adding or removing members. This significantly enhanced coordination efforts, resulting in smoother overall operations.

"Shared Contacts for Gmail® has revolutionized how we interact with our congregation. We can now reach out to specific groups for volunteer signups, donation opportunities, or simply to share inspirational messages. This has fostered a stronger sense of community and commitment among our members."

Pastor Russell Morales
Saved work hours