Customer Case

Brown & Reynolds Architects

An expanding architectural company realized it needed to improve its contact management system. The architects and staff constantly require a reliable platform wherein they can access, create, and update shared contacts of their clients, material suppliers, and engineers conveniently from their mobile phones and laptops. 

Shared contacts for architectural firm
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The Customer

Brown & Reynolds Architects commits to providing creative, timeless architectural designs rooted in a clear understanding and interpretation of each client’s vision. Their work also emphasizes consideration and appreciation of the natural landscape and environment. 

The Challenge

01 . Contact sharing demands

As Brown & Reynolds expands from two ambitious partners into a group with more than a dozen associates nowadays, they understand the need to upgrade their contact management setup. They only use Google Contacts which does not offer a collaborative contact database.

The disjointed contact management system leads to inconsistencies, outdated information, and duplicate entries causing confusion and inefficiencies within the team. Architects and staff had some trouble accessing the latest contact details promptly, resulting in delayed responses, thus missing project milestones and compromising client relationships.

02 . Note exchange requirement

Another feature they felt missing on Google Contacts is that you can’t share your notes about the contact. It would be helpful for the Brown & Reynolds team when they could comment about the contacts directly and immediately notify their colleagues regarding the particulars.

Unfortunately, all the notes they exchanged about the contact were scattered in their emails and other messaging avenues. This unorganized approach leads to miscommunication of fine details such as missing last-minute requests for additional features or a change of mind regarding the hue of the paint.

The Solution

Brown & Reynolds Architects discovered Shared Contacts for Gmail, an application perfectly suited to meet their contact-sharing requirements. They were pleased to find a solution that required no onboarding cost or extensive software training. Additionally, they appreciated the smooth synchronization of contacts and the ability to exchange client request notes directly on the contact card via our Google Chrome extension. Given their frequent use of desktop or laptop devices for CAD work, the accessibility provided by the Chrome extension has proven invaluable to them.

Helpful Features
Updates made from Google Chrome Extension

You can use our Google Chrome extension to update your contacts. The changes will immediately be propagated to shared contacts and to your collaborators.

Comments and notifications

Your team can comment contacts and notify their colleagues when they make an important update for example.

Duplicates auto-removal

If some of the contacts that you shared are already in your collaborator's address books, it will automatically merge the 2 contacts in one single contact, to avoid duplicates.

The result

Since installing Shared Contacts for Gmail, Brown & Reynolds Architects has experienced a significant improvement in workflow efficiency as the accessibility from Google Chrome extension makes the architects and project coordinators exchange notes directly under the client contact card. Smoother project execution and increased client satisfaction were enjoyed as an outcome. 

"We are happy to discover Shared Contacts for Gmail. It has greatly helped our team to collaborate on projects. With synchronized contacts across all our devices, we can focus more on blending the client’s vision and appreciation of the natural landscape."

Isaac Gallagher, Project Manager at Brown & Reynolds Architects
Saved work hours