Customer Case

Givaudan International

For Givaudan International SA., Shared Contacts for Gmail was the only Contact Sharing solution meeting their strict security and compliance requirements.

Givaudan Integration with Shared Contacts for Gmail
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The Customer

With a 25% market share, 88 locations worldwide, and over 16,000 employees, Givaudan is the market leader in the flavors and fragrance industry. As such, the company maintains and manages relationships with its shareholders through a set of confidential mailing lists kept by a specific team.

The Challenge

01 . Specific feature requirements

Givaudan needs a contact management solution that has features fitting their requirements. As their mobile legacy contact app no longer suits their needs, they have tried other mass mailing cloud applications on the market. However, those apps did not fully integrate with Google Contacts.

With the above considerations, they needed a solution that allows them to:

► Share their mailing list with a subset of users in their domains

► Set access restrictions (read only, editing right, etc.) to their users

► Synchronize contacts groups with Google groups for mass mailing

► Allow granular event logging in Google Contacts

02 . Server location and other security demands

Furthermore, Givaudan finds that none of the cloud-based contact-sharing applications or mass-mailing apps on the market could guarantee the data location. The server location of the software is an important requirement for the company. Givaudan could not simply lay hands on an app that complies with their privacy and security demands.

The Solution

At last, Givaudan found our app. Shared Contacts for Gmail® has a multitenancy architecture based on Google Compute Engine. It was the only app that filled and met Givaudan’s 220 security requirements. Shared Contacts for Gmail has all Givaudan's contact management feature demands such as sharing mailing list with a subset of user domain, setting contact database access restrictions, and synchronizing with Google contact groups for mass mailing. Additionally, Gapps Experts, Inc., the developers of Shared Contacts for Gmail, customized some features for Givaudan. They added an audit log interface to track any updates to the shared contacts by the users. They also created a secured daily local backup of the contact database.

Helpful Features
Data security and privacy

Your contact data is safely protected as we abide with the most severe security and privacy programs. You will also improve your compliance level.

Unlimited backup

Restore deleted contacts without any limitation of time.

Admin log

Track who has created, edited, deleted or shared contacts in your organization.

The Result

Givaudan now enjoys a cloud-based contact management solution that satisfies their stringent security demands and specific feature requirements. Aside from GDPR certification, Shared Contacts for Gmail adequately proved to their compliance team that their data is safe and secured.

"Shared Contacts for Gmail offered a solution that enabled smooth sharing of our mailing list with specific employees. It also allowed us to implement strict sharing controls thus, we streamlined mass mailing while ensuring compliance with security protocols. They even customized features for our needs. We're glad to come across such a wonderful product and helpful team."

Helen Johnston, Marketing Manager
Saved work hours