Enhance Productivity Through HR Technology

HR technology (human resources technology) is the general term for software and related hardware that aids the HR department in its daily operations. Investing in HR tech boosts productivity, as HR takes care of an integral asset- employees.

There are several ways HR tech supports company growth. In each aspect of HR, an app or gadget can help ease their work.

HR tech boosts productivity: Roles of HR: Recruitment, Talent Management, Compensation, Development, Employee Relations, Legal Compliance


Finding the right fit for the company can be a formidable task. The process of hiring a new employee goes through a lengthy process that involves lots of decision-making. 

Talent acquisition 

Virtual job fairs, automated talent sourcing tools, and even social media tools like Meta Business Suite are techs available to help you bring in new talents that your company needs. 

This HR tech boosts productivity as it gives a wider reach in a shorter amount of time and less effort. In turn, it enables you to focus on other aspects of HR management.


Online interviews can be advantageous if the job has a high turnover rate or the company pools from a nationwide search. For some, ordinary video calling platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype may do so.

However, there are video interviewing platforms that offer a variety of features like automatic transcription, panels for comments and evaluation notes, and question-generator prompts. 

Talent Management

Employees are valuable company assets. As with any asset, nurturing them helps yield higher ROI. HR bears responsibility for this task. 


Onboarding can be done manually though it will be a tedious task. The time and effort could have been diverted to the numerous other HR duties.

Thus, HR can offer an onboarding program. Such apps can create e-signatures, show the job workflow, and give compliance checklists among other things. It provides documented and measurable progress of the immersion of the new employee.

It would also help if the company had a shared contact database. With that, you can simply give company directory access to the newcomer. Then, he can instantly communicate with anyone in the organization without the need to ask around for contact details. 

Employer branding

As HR knows the employees most and marketing knows how to effectively deliver the message, together they can tap from various tools for employer branding. These programs help to deliver consistent brand messages to all external stakeholders, thus adding to the professional image of the company. 

HR tech boosts productivity: employer branding


Competitive salary and benefits, career advancement opportunities, and work-life balance are a few of the primary reasons employees stick around for the company. A high retention rate reflects good management, attentive HR, and a favorable work environment. 

There are HR technologies for retention that help reduce turnovers. Most of this software is about fostering company culture, recognition & rewards, and team building.  

Succession planning

With the aging workforce and the younger generation prone to job hopping, succession planning is a crucial part of HR. Succession planning software may support the HR team in this endeavor. 

Such programs help you identify critical positions in need of successors, determine the eligible replacements within the organization, and manage the talent developmental plans of the candidates. As a result, a smooth transition takes place with minimal disruption or even an improvement to the operations. 

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HR must secure the proper turnover of assets and files as part of the exit process. This includes exporting contact details when an employee leaves. Additionally, revoking access to company systems should be properly implemented. 

Under this circumstance, HR technology can smoothen the process. It can ensure that there aren’t any potential operational or legal issues the departing employee leaves behind. 

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salaries, attractive benefits, and a hassle-free payroll system are some factors that delight employees and encourage productivity. 


Designing employee packages, conducting salary and labor market research, and creating consistent compensation guidelines can be challenging. Compensation management software ensures equitable pay and keeping organizational fiscal responsibilities. 

Human Resource Development

HR plays an instrumental role in the professional growth of the employees. As the employees flourish, so will the company.


Organizations may use employee training software to track, report, and deliver educational and skill upgrading programs. This type of HR tech boosts productivity by designing courses, assigning user training, and running tests and assessments.

HR tech boosts productivity: training employees

Performance management

It is a continuous process of setting targets, monitoring performance, and giving feedback to employees. Performance management software helps nurture talents through coaching, skills management, and goal improvements that will drive the company’s success. 

HR analytics

The HR collects descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data for the improvement of the personnel and overall performance of the organization. HR analytics platforms provide actionable insights to help organizations make informed decisions and optimize workforce management strategies.


Assuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization remains essential for continuous growth and long-term success. HR people play a vital role in the operations as it ensures that the employees enact the company’s values leading to its goals. 

Process workflow programs can ease the human side of operations. These tools allow you to create forms, workflow charts, and progress reports easily. 

Employee Relations 

One of the core functions of HR is to bridge management and the rank and file. Bringing in HR techs in this area strengthens this foundation further.

Employee engagement

As humans are generally social creatures, they find contentment beyond monetary compensation. Hence, HR’s role in ensuring employee satisfaction with their relationships with their colleagues and the management plays an important role in the overall success of the organization. 

HR technologies for employee engagement help promote a sense of belongingness through prompts that spark conversations, surveys, and feedback mechanisms. These programs aim to foster commitment to the organization and nurture camaraderie within the workplace. 

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Collaboration spaces

CRM and project management platforms are popular avenues for collaboration. However, your Google Workspace can also be utilized for such.

Installing the Shared Contacts for Gmail app will transform your Google Workspace into a CRM, at a small fraction of the cost of each seat. The notes feature allows you to put remarks directly under the contact and easily share them with your colleagues. This facilitates faster and more organized information exchange. 

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Workplace wellness

Investing in employee well-being stimulates productivity and the overall corporate environment. Big companies understand it as around $53 billion being spent on the global market in 2022. 

Some workplace wellness platforms include a wide variety of wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, and Ouraring among others. Other programs monitor not only physical but mental health as well through meditation, mindfulness practice reminders, and even booking therapy sessions.  

HR tech boosts productivity: Workplace wellness

Self-Service options

HR can also set up employee self-service portals. This tech allows workers to access HR information such as updating personal data, checking benefits, or requesting time off without the assistance of an HR staff. It efficiently processes administrative tasks wherein employees can manage their own HR-related needs. 

Disciplinary needs

Attendance issues are the common cause that needs disciplinary action. Proper records in timekeeping ensure that the policy is being applied to everyone. Theft and other misuse of company property can be traced through regularly checking the inventory systems. 

For all others that require sanction, secure unequivocal documentation that covers the proceedings. This gives transparency and objectivity to all parties involved.

Labor Law Compliance 

A safe and secure environment can translate to high productivity. HR develops and disseminates workplace safety rules and other legal compliance. Incident reports must also be addressed timely to ensure continuous productivity. 

Workplace safety

A safety management system (SMS) in place organizes incident reporting, investigation, and corrective action processes. This HR tech boosts productivity as it includes features for tracking safety-related metrics, conducting risk assessments, and managing safety training programs. Instead of manually compiling these data, an SMS takes care of it.

Data tracking

HR technologies such as digital record-keeping and archiving serve as valuable tools for maintaining compliance with legal obligations. It’s crucial to ensure that essential documents, including important memos and forms, are properly signed, organized, and stored. This meticulous approach not only satisfies audit requirements but also safeguards against potential future legal demands.

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