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Flower & Fendler

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The Customer

Flower & Fendler Custom Homebuilders, is a company that aims to provide the best homebuilding experience in the St. Louis County area. Flower & Fendler has been building new homes in St. Louis since 2008. Sean Flower and Don Fendler have over 30 years of experience in the St. Louis new home industry. The company has several employees and branches, including St. Louis County, Ballwin, Eureka, Fenton, Pacific, Columbia, and Illinois.

The Challenge

01 . Need for a centralized contact database

Flower & Fendler had the contact information of their employees, customers, and trade partners scattered in their separate individual address books. Different employees in the company had different pieces of information about customers. Moreover, not all employees had access to the same customer contacts. As their organization grows, it became harder and harder to keep track of all contacts. Each department was maintaining its own address book manually in spreadsheets. Unfortunately, those spreadsheets were not always accessible. The challenge was to break these cycles.

02 . Find a CRM alternative

Furthermore, they wanted to give all employees access to the contacts of other departments. This will smoothen the collaboration between teams. Using a CRM for each employee was out of the question, as the company didn't have the time to engage in a costly training program. Furthermore, most of their employees are blue-collar workers who are not that good at using a computer.

The Solution

Sean implemented shared contacts for Gmail in the company in a couple of hours. He just created empty shared contacts lists and invited his department heads to add their contacts to these lists. Shared Contacts for Gmail handled duplicate contacts. After the first synchronization, the whole company had access to all its contacts everywhere it needed. They can access the shared contacts from Gmail, on their mobile devices, and also on Google Contacts manager. Moreover, Sean also gave editing permission to all employees. This enables everyone to contribute to the contact database in a very collaborative way. Now, nobody is ever asking for contact information anymore!

"This application allows us to consolidate all important contact information in one place. Also, it makes sure all employees have the appropriate contact information and editing rights. Furthermore, we greatly appreciate the user-friendly interface that adjusts to each user's mobile device. Huge time saver, easy to use and setup!”

Sean Flower, CEO
Saved work hours