Transform Your Contact Management: Try Shared Contacts for Gmail® for Free

Contact management means storing, organizing, securing, and tracking contact information about your prospects and customers, sales leads, vendors, partners, stakeholders, employees, and so on, and making them easily available for all the members of your organization. 

When contact management is done properly, your entire organization can collaborate better, save valuable time from admin tasks, and ensure you’re compliant with regulations. 

In this article, we go over every step of how to go through the Shared Contacts for Gmail® free trial process and show you exactly how it goes so you’ll know what to expect, each step of the way. 

Transform Your Contact Management

Our free trial, step by step

How to start your contact management free trial

Start your free trial and give the required Google access and permissions. This way, you will have access to all your Google contacts through the app. 

Simply click on “Install the app” to get started. 

Then, make sure to grant the access required so you can proceed. In order for the contact synchronization and sharing to work properly, the app needs access to your Google Workspace contacts (that’s the whole point of the tool, after all.)

The tool will then retrieve your contacts and contact lists, so you can start using the tool and managing your contacts properly. 

Once this is done, your contacts will be synchronized across all the tools you and your team are using every day.

Whenever you create new contacts and contact lists, and share them with your colleagues, they will be available to everyone on all their tools and platforms, in real time.

Create contacts and organize them into contact lists

When contacts are shared and synchronized for everyone and available to them on all the platforms you’re using, your entire organization can collaborate better. This also save valuable time from admin tasks, and ensure you’re compliant with regulations. 

To begin using Shared Contacts for Gmail® and get the benefits of contact sharing, start by creating new contacts and adding them to contact lists that basically function as address books. This way, you’ll have things properly centralized and organized. 

It’s super important to start organizing your contacts into lists (sometimes also referred to as contact labels.) This ensures that you only include the relevant people in the right address book. Moreover, you can seamlessly share things with the correct people by list. 

Share contacts and lists with your colleagues

You’ll get the most value out of the tool by starting to share contacts with your coworkers. Share contacts with different permission levels and accesses, and see how everyone then has the contacts synchronized on their own devices. 

Everyone will only have the most up-to-date information on all contacts, and they will never have to spend time searching for contacts again.

Please note that the person you shared the contacts with needs to accept the invitation. They will receive it via email. Once they’ve accepted it you’re good to go.

They will have the app installed as soon as they accept the invitation. Then, they can start sharing and managing their contacts immediately. 

Now, all the people with whom you share contacts or contact lists can see, add, or update contacts from their Google contacts, Gmail autocomplete, Drive, calendar — and all the other apps they are using every day.

To conclude

Contact management: 

  • Centralizes all your contact information
  • Helps to have all your contacts available to all team members
  • Allows you to protect personal data and makes your organization compliant
  • Saves lots of work hours and makes your team more productive

So, why not get started right away? 

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a great tool that can really help you make contact management the least time-consuming task for you and your team’s workday. 

When you’re ready, you can start your free trial and see for yourself how it transforms your contact management processes!

Try it now
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