Can I Send A Google Contacts List to Someone and Keep it Updated?

Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows you to send a Google Contacts list with other users and keep them synchronized. Contact sharing is not a built-in feature for Google Contacts. Hence, installing this contact-sharing app solves your problem.

The steps in sharing your contacts are simple like how you share Google Docs with your team. 

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send a Google contact list to your colleagues and keep it updated

Advantages of Shared Contacts for Gmail® over Import/Export Contacts

1. Instant synchronization of contact list

Contact databases are regularly updated. Email addresses and business phone numbers can change when they move out of the company. Some people relocate and leave their old home phone numbers behind.

These changes do not automatically reflect when you simply export the contacts. Therefore, the list can be prone to inaccuracies. With Shared Contacts for Gmail® mobile app, you don’t have to worry about updates. 

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2. Access control over the shared contacts

With Shared Contacts for Gmail®, you can set the permission level of those you share your contacts with. As the owner of the shared contacts, you can control whether the other users can view only, edit, delete, or even reshare your contacts. 

This is not possible for the traditional method of import/export of contacts. You no longer have any hold over the .csv list you have shared with someone else. 

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3. Restore deleted contacts

Accidental deletion spells a big loss. If data corruption happens between importing and exporting the files, the recovery is very unlikely when it is done manually. Shared Contacts for Gmail® offers the feature of unlimited data recovery for those who would avail of the Corporate plan. 

4. Automatic removal of duplicate entries

When you export your contact list and the other person imports it into their phone book, duplication of contacts is a possibility. The redundant data must be deleted one by one without a contact management app.

Shared Contacts for Gmail® make data hygiene easily achieved. If some of the contacts that you shared are present in your collaborator’s address books, it will automatically merge the two contacts into one single contact.

5. Enjoy other features

Aside from simply sending your Google Contact list to someone, Shared Contacts for Gmail® presents additional value. The shared contacts would appear in autocomplete on the recipient field of any integrated messaging platform. These include WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS, and a lot more. 

Moreover, you and your team can comment right under the shared contact’s profile. This makes collaboration better as you can share notes and other information regarding your contact. 

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