Zapier Integration – Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Shared Contacts for Gmail® readily integrates with hundreds of software. However, the dev team commits to continuously innovating and improving the product. Hence, they have decided to connect the app to thousands more through Zapier. Now, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is one of the few contact management apps that offer Zapier integration. This feature is available for Corporate Plans subscribers.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web automation tool that lets you integrate a great number of software. It saves you time and labor from doing repetitive tasks between different apps without complicated coding.

There may be cases that the third-party software your company currently uses does not directly integrate with Shared Contacts for Gmail®. Zapier will make that connection possible as long as that platform allows zaps.

How does Zapier integration benefits Shared Contacts for Gmail® users?

Zapier made Shared Contacts for Gmail® connect to more software. When you create a new contact or update contact info from the third-party app, Zapier helps Shared Contacts for Gmail® to synchronize the changes across all your devices. This happens almost in real time with no effort on your part. No need to copy/paste contact details to various contact databases or email your team about the updates.

Likewise, it also updates the changes on group levels. If you remove or add contacts to that list, it will synchronize immediately as well. 

This solves the frustrations of users complaining about the lack of integration with their other software.

Now, you can easily access and share new contacts added from any CRM or other communication platforms, even social media. You can also do it for HR information systems and any other software where you need to share contacts without paying a hefty license fee.

In turn, your team enjoys increased productivity. They process business deals more swiftly. You waste no more time for asking around the needed contact information. Plus, it promotes better customer relationships as you can respond to them using your usual communication devices and not only through CRM from their workstation. 

Case Study: CRM Integration

Problem: Unsynchronized Contact List from Salesforce

Salesforce does not integrate with Google Contacts natively. Google Workspace users cannot simply send an SMS or WhatsApp message, and even share a doc from Google Drive to the contacts from the Salesforce database. The users need to manually input the contact information. They do not enjoy the convenience of autocomplete if the contacts are from the Salesforce database.

Shared Contacts for Gmail® and Zapier solution:

A lead account or contact is created whenever a view happens in the Salesforce CRM. This will then trigger Zapier to add it to the shared label through Shared Contacts for Gmail®. The shared label is accessible to anyone in the organization even without having a CRM seat, with the proper authorization of course. 

If a piece of contact information is added or updated in one of these Salesforce views, the zap will ensure this applies to all other contact lists integrated through Shared Contacts for Gmail® like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Zoom, Whatsapp, and more. 

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Case Study: Project Management Software

Problem: Managing Contact Groups on

It can be a daunting task to keep track of all the project team members. Furthermore, updating each one of them with the needed files from Google Drive, inviting them for events or simply messaging them through Whatsapp can be overwhelming. 

Shared Contacts for Gmail® and Zapier solution:

When a project is started, a folder in Google Contacts must be created to ensure that everyone in the team is on a centralized contact database. Shared Contacts for Gmail® lets your team have an access to that contact directory. 

Upon the creation of a project management system, Zapier will be triggered to generate a new shared contacts label containing all the members of the projects and their contact information. This would be visible to everyone to facilitate better collaboration. 

Any updates or additions to the contact list from will be synchronized with your Google Contacts. As a result, everyone across the board is updated without a hassle. Moreover, the up-to-date contacts are accessible everywhere – Gmail, Drive, Calendar, WhatsApp, etc. 

Contact Management With Zapier Integration

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