How To Find Out Who Has Access to Your Contacts

As you avail contact sharing through Shared Contacts for Gmail®, you now enjoy the benefits of streamlined contact sharing. Nevertheless, it’s possible to lose track of your shared contacts recipients, which in turn hinders effective management and updates. This could result in outdated or inaccurate information being shared inadvertently.

Thankfully, a straightforward solution exists to address this concern: you can easily determine who has access to your shared contacts. This ensures better control over your shared contact information and facilitates the accurate and secure dissemination of important details.

  1. Open the Shared Contacts dashboard.

  2. Note the label/s of the contact you want to know who has access to.

    know who has access to my contacts step 2

  3. Find that label on the left panel and click the icon ‘share contact list’ .

    know who has access to my contacts step3

  4. Now, you can see the list of people who have access to your contacts.

    You can also view the access permissions of your collaborators- whether they are on view only, editors, can reshare, or owners.