Checklist of Apps for Non-Profit Organizations

Starting your nonprofit organization takes a lot of resources. It’s similar to operating a business yet demands can be higher with no significant financial gains (all for the love of humanity). 

With limited funding and huge work to be done, finding mobile apps for non-profit organizations that cost little or naught can be challenging. This article helps you by suggests mobile apps for every aspect of your operation.

  1. Finances
  2. Event coordination
  3. Volunteer management
  4. Donor outreach
  5. Daily operations


Keeping a good book of accounts is essential to any organization, especially for non-profits. The integrity of how your group handles donations encourages more donors, thus allowing you to give more to your beneficiaries. 


Wave makes it easy to track your organization’s cash flow. The free financial management software is user-friendly and equipped with all the basics, including income and expense tracking, bank connections, invoicing, and reporting. 

  • Price: Forever free, invoicing and accounting features only
  • Available in: iOS and Android
✅ Unlimited invoicing with customizable templates and payment terms.❌Poor customer support.
✅ Unlimited users with varying user permissions.❌ No extras such as time tracking and inventory management to increase functionality.
✅ Built-in bank reconciliation with double-entry accounting.


Xero accounting and bookkeeping app allows you to create donation requests in seconds to help maintain a steady flow of cash into your non-profit organization.

✅ 1000+ third-party integrations.❌ Steep learning curve.
✅ Offers a clean and intuitive interface that provides instant visibility into your financial position❌ Support for expense claims, projects, and multi-currency functionality is limited to the most expensive plan.
✅ Highly scalable, accommodating the growth of non-profit over time.


FreshBooks non-profit accounting software makes it easy for your clients to make payments and donations. Your clients can pay straight from their invoice in just a few simple clicks using their credit card. 

✅ Intuitive and easy to use.❌ Accountant can’t access the full audit trail, regardless of plan.
✅ Double-entry accounting reports feature.❌  The FreshBooks mobile app can’t generate reports on the go.
✅ Integrates with more than 100 third-party apps; limited choices for direct payroll and point-of-sale integrations.

Event Coordination

Fundraising events help generate much-needed donations for your non-profit organization. Other charity parties also help in gathering more volunteers for your cause. A good event coordination app ensures a successful event to achieve your goals. 

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Execute excellent events with the best event management software for schools and colleges. Easily plan and manage all your education events for teachers, students, staff, and alumni.

✅ Seamlessly blends virtual and in-person event planning.❌ Networking features are not as extensive.
✅ The scheduling platform is clear and easy to use, making it ideal for first-time planners.❌ Only the English language is supported.
✅ Helpful support team that listens, responds, and does its best to help with any issue.


A free, all-in-one fundraising platform, Givebutter is one of the apps for non-profit organizations that allows you to raise more with customized donation pages, auctions, and events. This is whether they’ll be happening in person, virtually, or a hybrid mix of the two.

✅ Easy setup and implementation.❌ Multiple fundraiser pages for one campaign coordination problem.
✅ “Can’t attend? Donate!” option.❌ Limited CRM integration in terms of data migration.
✅  QR code ticket scanning.


RSVIPfy is an affordable event management software. They offer a suite of tools to assist non-profits throughout each part of the event planning process from setting it up and inviting attendees to managing check-ins.

✅ The interface is very simple, clear,  and easy for users to understand and navigate.❌ Limited design elements.
✅ Create customizable registration forms to collect data.❌ No credit card processing platform.
✅ Automate email confirmations and event reminders.

Volunteer Management

Finding reliable and readily available volunteers to keep your charity events or the whole organization itself is an essential part of a nonprofit organization. Thus, reaching out to them must be efficient and effective. Technology helps make this possible through apps for non-profit organizations. 


Zelos helps you actively manage large groups of volunteers. It has a self-sign-up feature that allows team members to choose the schedule and assignments that work best for them. This is a great way to distribute a schedule (or ad-hoc tasks) quickly while accommodating the needs and preferences of team members.

✅ Simple, logical, and easy-to-use interface for both admins and users. ❌ Lacks an overview of users’ activity levels.
✅ Customer service was always eager to help and answered questions quickly. ❌ It is not possible for clients or admins to chat directly with volunteers inside the app.
✅ It is easy to onboard the different vendors, partners, and volunteers. is an online tool for signing up, scheduling, communicating with, and managing volunteers or participants for any events or activities hosted by your organization. helps administrators save time, increase participation, and have greater confidence that commitments will be fulfilled.

✅ No display ads, email market to your participants, or share your or your participants’ data.. ❌ The aesthetics of the website seem mid-90s and do not have a current generational feel.
✅ Advance customization features. ❌ The app can be confusing and a little hard to organize.
✅ Signups, sign-ins, and other reports are all optimized for HTML, PDF, and Excel.

Volunteer Impact

Your all-in-one volunteer management software solution is specifically designed for volunteer services teams. Save Time. Save Money. Secure your volunteer data. Lead your volunteers, program, and organization to a new level of mission achievement.

✅ Customizable prerequisite/qualification fields in volunteer profiles.❌ It is a bit difficult to learn and it is not intuitive. 
✅ Volunteer Document Library in the volunteer portal.❌ Generating reports can be confusing. 
✅ Volunteer scheduling for recurring and event shifts.

Donor Outreach

As most non-profit organizations rely on donors, finding and organizing them is imperative in the operation. Donor outreach apps provide a platform where you can get across a large number of interested people to support your cause.

Checklist of Apps for Non-Profit Organizations, Donor Outreach


Funraise’s application offers nonprofit organizations a hassle-free solution for collecting in-person payments. It does it while providing real-time updates on recent transactions, tasks, and supporter details, ensuring accessibility and convenience for managing crucial aspects of the move.

Pros: Cons:
✅ The integration features are easy to use. ❌ Not being able to edit forms within your own wording.
✅ Their teams are friendly and responsive. ❌ The functionality is limited and does not accept crypto or stock donations.
✅ Smoothly integrates with both website and CRM.  


Donately is an online, mobile-optimized fundraising platform designed for nonprofits, organizations, and individuals who want to raise money for their chosen cause. Via a simple, easy-to-use interface and the provision of customizable campaign pages & donation forms, Donately facilitates fundraising by streamlining the donation process for donors

Pros: Cons:
✅ There’s an option to make a recurring gift and can fairly easily change the interface. ❌ It’s difficult to mine the information (emails, data, etc) for use in a database.
✅ Easy to set up, navigate, and get support when needed. ❌ Limited donation tracking and donor outreach tools.
✅ The ability to customize the donation form to gather additional data is great and the ability to manage formatting through the API is also great.  


CauseVox’s digital fundraising platform is designed to help you raise more with less effort. Upgrade your donation form, acquire donors with peer-to-peer, run a crowdfunding campaign, take pledge donations, and sell tickets to your event.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Enables to track both online and offline donations. ❌ Can be buggy, sometimes donors don’t seem to be able to give, or fundraisers inexplicably lose the ability to share their fundraising pages.
✅ Ability to customize donation pages to match our branding. ❌ Sometimes navigating the site isn’t 100% intuitive.
✅ Customer service is always great.  

Daily Operations

Communication, data collection, and overall program management apps contribute to the success of your nonprofit organization. These indispensable tools offer benefits that enhance their ability to achieve their mission, engage with stakeholders, and efficiently manage their operations. 

Shared Contacts for Gmail

Empower your nonprofit organization with seamless access to a collaborative contact database without paying a hefty amount. You can share your contact list like you share Google Docs which paves the way for smoother communications. 

Pros: Cons:
✅ Easy to use and syncs quickly. ❌ Support is not round the clock.  
✅ Synchronize different devices. ❌ At times, it can be a little slow.
✅ Eliminates the need for the use of an additional platform, like a CRM, to manage contacts.  


Empower your nonprofit organization with seamless access to a collaborative contact database without paying a hefty amount. You can share your contact list like you share Google Docs which paves the way for smoother communications. 

✅ User-friendly CRM.❌ Queries are a little wonky compared to other nonprofit CRMs.
✅ Knowledgeable support staff.❌ Integration with accounting software is not as good as other software.
✅ Allows for email marketing on a mass level.


Connecteam offers a wide array of services for business and people management including admin, communication, and operational tasks.

  • Price: Free plan for up to 10 users
  • Available in: iOS and Android
✅ Responsive customer service.❌ Requires a lot of upgrades to access more features.
✅ Highly customizable with a friendly user interface (UI).❌ Some users complain about occasional lag and app freezing.
✅ Efficient employee time tracking.
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