6 Tech Tips for Retaining Employees 

tech tips in retaining employees

Employment dynamics greatly changed in recent years and are continuing to do so. Retaining employees is crucial amidst the ‘Great Resignation’ where workers en masse are leaving their jobs either for better compensation or to start up their own businesses.

The recent trends prompt companies to make more tangible measures to show how they appreciate their employees. Technology can help a lot in preventing this dilemma. Moreover, it also translates into saving on the cost of hiring new employees.

Performance evaluation technology

A well-defined achievable goal balances the expectation of the company from their workers. Performance management systems enable the alignment of individual goals and organizational goals. This will reduce the burnout of the employee. Plus, the business can appraise if they are getting the ROI over their personnel. 

Moreover, this type of tech tracks real-time feedback. The workers can easily bring to attention something that is not working or is inefficient in the business processes. Also, it compiles employee data to drive better downstream decisions around compensations and other benefits.

Employee satisfaction surveys

As mentioned earlier, employee feedbacks play an important role in the evaluation of business processes. Another way of getting input from workers is through satisfaction surveys. Surveys somewhat differ from feedback as survey data is more in-depth and detailed.

There are several survey tools that the organization can utilize in order to gain data on how to reduce employee turnover. This tech, combined with management’s visible adjustments regarding the data nourishes employees’ job fulfillment. 

Efficient communication channels

Redoing tasks can be reduced when the instructions are clearly received. Lack of effective communication and collaboration accounts for 86% of workplace failures. This can trigger burnout faster. 

Selecting the right communication and collaboration tool is crucial for boosting efficiency in a team, thus, less burnout. Having all the discussions, comments, and files within one app reduces redundancy. It also stimulates efficiency as everyone is concentrated only in a single space rather than searching everywhere to look for needed information.

Additionally, the morale of the workers is high when it is corporate culture to have open communication. This helps the organization in retaining employees more.

Encourage health and wellness with digital means

There is a plethora of methods that companies may take advantage of to boost the physical and mental health of their staff. Aside from physical means like healthcare or gym memberships, you can also use tech like telehealth or corporate-sponsored apps to allow employees to monitor their health voluntarily. 

Allowing remote work

The Internet revolutionized company culture. Work-from-home setup is almost impossible prior to the 2000s. Nowadays, the idea of enduring heavy traffic or a crowded commute when you would just basically sit in front of your desktop all day is discouraging. 

However, it is still debatable which is more economical for both business and employee: working from home or traditional office. The key to the decision is freedom of choice. If the employee can prove that it can be cheaper to the company for a work-from-home setup, there’s no need for the management to be stiffly against it. 

Online collaboration tools 

Giving the choice of remote work means having better online collaboration tools. Your business may already have a CRM or Google Workspace. If not, there are almost free or even entirely free similar platforms like Asana and Slack. 

Part of online collaboration is contact management. Having a contact management app like Shared Contacts for Gmail® enables the team to access a centralized contact database. This contact database may be clients, vendors, retailers, and so on.

When all the data regarding the contact is centralized, teams find it easier to work. No more back and forth on updates. No more asking around for contact details from employees or being an operator connecting people.

Conclusion About Tech Help in Retaining Employees

Technology can leverage employee turnover by paving a more flexible and convenient work environment. However, people management skills and healthy company values are critical as well. 

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