Solve “Uninstalled” / “Revoked” Message in Shared Contacts for Gmail®

If, when trying to access your dashboard, you mays see that your version became “UNINSTALLED PAID” or “UNINSTALLED EXPIRED” , then all your users show a “Revoked” status.

This situation means that Shared Contacts for Gmail® cannot access your Google contacts anymore.

The consequence is that the synchronization cannot continue. You will not be able to synchronize any change with Google unless you make sure accesses are granted back.

This can happen when :

  • The administrator of the Google Workspace/G Suite domain has deleted the application from the Google domain
  • Revoked administrator permissions
  • The user has removed Shared Contacts from Gmail from their Google account

Time needed: 1 minute.

If you are G Suite/ Google Workspace administrator:

  1. Log to your Google Admin Panel

    You can access your Google Workspace admin panel from the launcher menu in Gmail or directly from this URL:

    Sign in to Google Workspace and G Suite admin panel

  2. Click on “Apps”

    The apps section allows you to manage the applications installed in your domain.

    Click on “Apps” in your Google Admin Console

  3. Click on “Google Workspace Marketplace Apps”

    This allows you to manage your third-party applications installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

    Click on “Google Workspace Marketplace Apps”

  4. Find “Shared Contacts for Gmail®” and make sure the status is “On for everyone” and “Data access” is “Granted” otherwise click on it to grant access.

    This will allow “Shared Contacts for Gmail®” to access the contacts of your users.

    make sure the status is “On for everyone” and “Data access” is “Granted” in Shared Contacts for Gmail


If you are not a domain administrator:

Log on Google Workspace Marketplace listing of the app > Click on “Install” > Authorize the permissions requested > Log into the application

if you are not a domain administrator in shared contacts for gmail and status is showing revoked/uninstalled

Congrats on solving this problem, Shared Contacts for Gmail now has access to your contacts once again!