Find Your Shared Google Contacts in Zoom

Zoom allows live meetings with anyone in the world, whatever their location or their equipment is.

Finding the email addresses of the attendees for your Zoom meeting can be quite difficult. To avoid this, one resigns to entering those email addresses manually one by one. However, that is such a tedious task.

Thanks to Google Contacts and Shared Contacts for Gmail®, you can now access all the Google contacts shared in your organization directly from your Zoom interface.

For instance, let’s say you need to organize a meeting with the American affiliates AND the African distributors of your company altogether. Your colleague, Alissa, maintains these contacts lists. You will be now able to find them all in Zoom from the labels “America” and “Africa” that Michael shared with you.

Steps to Sync Google Contacts to Zoom

Time needed: 4 minutes.

  1. Ensure the shared contacts with the Zoom users. The data admin can log into the Share Contacts for Gmail® dashboard to check this.

    make sure that the contacts are shared with the Zoom users ,by logging into the Share Contacts for Gmail® dashboard.

  2. Verify your contact lists for all the needed shared contacts. Find the not-shared contact list (label). Click the ‘share’ icon to choose the collaborators.

    The ‘share’ icon is shown on the right-hand side of your labels.

    click on the contact list (label) you want to share

  3. Add your desired collaborators. You can add single, several contacts, or a whole domain group. You type their name at the search bar to do so. Afterward, set the access permissions.

    To set permission access, click the downwards arrow by “View only” to pull all permission options available.
    set the access permissions for the collaborators.

  4. Now, you can see the new collaborators.

    new collaborators being displayed

  5. You have now synced your Shared Contacts with Google Contacts. However, that is just the first part. Now, it will be a breeze to sync your Google Contacts to Zoom. Log into Zoom and click on “Profile”.

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page. Then, click on “Configure Calendar and Contacts Service”

    click on “Configure Calendar and Contacts Service”

  7. You will be presented with 3 options. Click “Google”, then choose your account. Accept all required permission pop-ups. Finally, you are configured!

    You will be presented with 3 options, click “Google”

  8. Let’s have a look at how simple it is to use! Sign into the Zoom desktop app, and access your synced Google Contacts under ‘Cloud Contacts’. Contacts appear in alphabetical order, as Zoom doesn’t integrate Labels.

    Sign into the Zoom desktop app

  9. To add your shared contacts to a meeting, simply click the “Participants” tab on the bottom tool bar, and then proceed to “Invite”.

    add your shared contacts to a meeting

  10. Begin typing the contacts you would like to add, and then click “invite”.

    click “invite” to invite shared google contacts to zoom meeting

  11. If members do not appear in the search bar, it is likely because you need to Invite them as a Zoom Contact first.

    Invite them as a Zoom Contact first.


It’s possible that you still can’t access the shared contact labels from Zoom. In this case, make sure you enable the “Mobile & Outlook” toggle.

We highly recommend making sure the Mobile and Outlook toggle is always selected. Activating the toggle ensures your shared contacts are synced to your general Google Contacts. This makes your shared labels visible. As a result, it makes integrations with Doodle and other various apps hassle-free.
Still can't access the contacts of the shared label in Zoom

Well done! You have just Integrated Google Contacts with Zoom, as well as created your first conference call using your Shared Google Contacts.