Send an SMS to a Google Contact Label

Sending an SMS to a large number of users can be a tedious task because you need to enter the users one by one. Shared Contacts for Gmail has the solution, a built in SMS solution with the ability to message labels as well as individual users!

Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow these steps below to learn how to SMS a google group as well as an individual user:

  1. On your Shared Contacts for Gmail mobile app, click the label you would like to send an SMS to.

    Click the label name to enter the content of that label

    Choose a label to send an SMS to

  2. Click the three dots on top right hand corner

    This will show the pull down menu where you can send an SMS to a Google group

    Click the 3 dots on the top right hand corner

  3. Click ‘Send SMS’

    This will send an SMS to all users of the google group

    Click 'Send 'SMS'

  4. Your phone will be re-directed to your SMS dashboard

    All the users from the Google group will appear as a recipient of your SMS

    Phones SMS dashboard will all users numbers

How to send and SMS to an Individual user?

Instead of clicking the three dots in step 2, simply click on the individual user you would like to communicate with.

As you can see you have multiple communication methods to choose from!