How to View Your Google Contacts on Google Drive

Find, see, edit, comment and share your Google Contacts directory from Google Drive.

Time needed: 1 minute.

When you are about to share a document or a folder in Google Drive (or when you look with whom a document is shared), you may not know exactly the names, positions, phone of the people you intend to collaborate with in that document or folder.

To integrate your Google contacts with your Google Drive, just follow these simple steps: You will then be able to see the contacts, and even update them and share them directly from the Drive interface!

  1. Make sure you have Shared Contacts Addon for Drive installed

    If not, get it from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Click on the “Shared Contacts” icon on the vertical bar on the right

    The right-side pane opens on Shared Contacts for Drive

    How to see Google Contacts in Google Drive - Click on Shared Contacts Icon

  3. On the Dropdown menu, click on “Contact Lists”

    All your Google contact labels will appear on the right of your Google Drive.

    To see your Google contacts labels in Google Drive, click on "Contact Lists"

  4. Navigate through the contact lists and click on the contacts to see the details

    A popup allowing you to see, edit, comment or share the contact will open.

  5. To see the contact information of the collaborator of a document or a folder, click on this document or folder and then select “In this file” from the dropdown menu

    You will see the picture of the owner or the document, and below your will find the pictures of the other collaborators. Click on the picture to see, edit, share or comment the contact details.

    Find, View, Edit, Comment and Share Google Contacts from Google Drive

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